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As I write this article our country remains embroiled in chaos as we continue to deal with the impacts of COVID 19 and the recent election process.

It is also customary for most of us this time of year to focus on the future with goal setting and forecasting about how the year will perform.

Team LBR is typically putting the final touches on our Annual Commercial Real Estate Forum as we present our observations and forecasts to a large invitation only crowd of several hundred clients.

I can’t speak for you but the plans and forecasts I shared last January for 2020 did not include a worldwide pandemic and the serious and deep economic impacts it created.

(Please visit this link to my thoughts about 2021 as published in the SIOR Report)

It is very easy in our media heavy world of constant news, information and feedback to become overwhelmed by these daily events and occurrences. I for one have begun limiting how much of the news and social media I allow in my life and I am finding it to be a real blessing (is this where we got the statement “ignorance is bliss”?).

I have been very blessed throughout my life to have had a father who was not only my best friend but also a successful businessman on whom I relied heavily for advice. Since his passing four years ago at 85, I have struggled to find his kind of wisdom readily available.

I am also blessed to have a “little brother” and since our dad’s passing, we talk more often and have actually grown closer.

It was with my “little brother” that I was discussing the chaos of the world, impacts on our families and businesses, asking him how we are going to plan for the future under our uncertain circumstances. He responded with “do you know what we are going to do in 2021 regardless of the virus and election results?” He then answered with “we are going to get up the next day, get dressed, go to work and take care of our families”. While it sounds simple and profound, it was precisely what I needed to hear.

While I do believe we need to understand the circumstances that we must live and work in, dwelling in it provides no value and can actually impede any progress. I am thankful for the “wisdom” imparted by my “little brother” as it brings me back to focus on the parts of this crazy world we can control and what is truly important.

And by the way, my “little brother” has been a very successful businessman in South Florida for over 30 years who helped grow and sell a very large corporation last year. I think I have found my new source of wisdom moving forward…