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Years ago when Team LBR worked to develop our company core values, we never dreamed just how critical the first two values would be in 2020.

Back in 2015 I asked each Team LBR member to come up with thoughts and words that reflected the values and foundational principles we work with on a daily basis to produce results for our clients and I actually received pages of input from the team.

After working through the all of the thoughts and information I found foundational common themes and even though they do not produce a clever acronym, they truly are the focus of our company and people:

SERVE – in our minds this means to approach every encounter with a client or prospect with a servant’s heart, truly trying to help them get what they want.

COMMUNICATE – is something we strive to do with all whom we come in contact with, to keep everyone informed, educated and updated.

PERFORM – is the most critical value we pursue as serving and communicating must result in helping those who have hired us to achieve their desired goal.

IMPROVE – is critical as gaining the most current industry knowledge, keeping up with changing trends and technology, communicating better, etc are the only ways we continue to exceed our client’s expectations.

In today’s world, please allow Team LBR to be a resource to SERVE you and your company so that we all make it to the other side and thrive once again!

The best way to make this happen is to COMMUNICATE so while we are working hard to reach out to all of our clients, please reach out to us via phone, email, text or mail to let us know how we can SERVE you and your business!